Wig Care 101: Maintenance Tips for Keeping Your Wig in Top Condition

It is Important to maintain wig carefully to keep the quality and longevity of your wig,human hair wig is not a cheap product, it is expensive one compared synthetic wigs,so it special need right care.

Daily Care Routine

  1. Brushing and Detangling: Use a wig brush or wide-tooth comb to gently detangle the wig. When brushing the wig, make sure to brush from tip to top to avoid tangling.especially for long human hair wigs, longer than 26 inch long hair wigs.
  2. Styling: Avoid excessive heat styling and use wig-friendly products. It is better to use high-temperature protective products when styling your hair to prevent damage from high temperatures. Many styling products have this function.
  3. Storage: Properly store your wig on a wig stand or in a breathable bag when not in use. It is better to store it on a wig stand and use a clothes bag to cover it to prevent dust buildup.Usually one wigs can be used for one year or longer if good maintence.

Washing and Conditioning

  1. Frequency: A Human hair wig usually need 1-2 time washing every week if you wear it this week.If you don’t wear it for long time,you also should wash it once a month to keep it in good condition.
  2. Washing process: To wash a wig, fill a basin with lukewarm water and add wig shampoo. Gently swirl the wig in the water, avoiding vigorous rubbing. Rinse with cool water until the water runs clear.

Apply wig conditioner, avoiding the roots. Rinse again and gently squeeze out excess water. Place the wig on a towel and pat dry to remove more water. Finally, place the wig on a wig stand to air dry, avoiding direct sunlight and heat sources. Brush the wig once it’s completely dry to style as desired.

  1. Conditioning: After washing your wig, apply conditioner from mid-lengths to ends, avoiding the roots. Spread it evenly with fingers or a comb. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with cool water. Pat dry gently with a towel to remove excess water. Air dry on a wig stand, avoiding heat sources. This routine helps maintain softness and manageability, ensuring your wig stays in top condition.

Styling Tips

  1. Heat styling: Using low heat settings and heat protectedproducts when styling with heat tools.As mentioned above,controlling temperature is very important in styling your hair wigs.
  2. Avoiding tangling: Preventing tangles by gently combing and storing the wig properly.In fact, choosing top grade cuticle hair in the most importance to prevent tangling.Findingdreamonly supply top grade cuticle hair wigs in high-end market.
  3. Restyling: straight,wave wigs can be restyled, don’t to resyle yaki,kinky or kinky curly wigs,it will harm to the hair quality, making it break easily.


A Wig especially human hair wigs need good maintain to keep it in good can treat it more careful than your own natural hair. Wig is a expensive product, it is more economical to use it longer time.

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